2023 Schedule

How the meetings work:

Each meeting is led by expert, industry-specific ‘mentors’ experienced in solving problems, with success measured by how many practically-applicable solutions members leave each meeting with.

The situation:

Members listen to an introductory case study from a life sciences HR thought leader/mentor which addresses a key business problem HRBPs routinely face, and which we’ll aim to provide answers to. 

The discussion:

HRBPs break out into working groups containing the most relevant members (grouped by company size) to challenge each other and develop their ideas whilst coaching each other to think differently.

The action:

Members return to the main plenary to share their groups’ key takeaways as the mentor isolates the most actionable strategies and provides a Q&A opportunity for further tactical and strategic questions. 

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Upcoming Workshops:

Thursday November 16 | 11:00am – 12.30pm EDT | Digital Workshop

Work Without Jobs: Deconstructing Work to Optimize Your Future Workforce

Led by John Boudreau, Global Thought Leader, Professor Emeritus at University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business.

John Boudreau is an internationally recognized HR thought leader and advisor to the world’s most admired CHROs. He has worked with almost all of the Fortune 500 - including Merck – and has inspired HR leaders from both emerging and established companies.

We have not opened registration yet, however, if you would like to join this workshop please get in touch.

Past Workshops:

Thursday, November 28 | 11:00am – 12.30pm EDT | Digital Workshop

Empowering Growth: Harnessing the Power of Coaching for Enhanced Performance.

We have not opened registration yet, however, if you would like to join this workshop please get in touch.

Thursday, October 19 | 11:00am – 12.30pm EDT | Digital Workshop

Coaching and not managing helping with performance management and employee relations.


September 2023

Charting a path to CHRO: understanding the challenges and opportunities.


August 2023

Developing commercial acumen to gain credibility and add value within the business unit.

July 2023

Employee Engagement to Employee Happiness.


June 2023

Developing an integrated people strategy to drive business success.

Workshop mentor: Simon King is the CPO at Daiichi Sankyo.


May 2023

Demystifying corporate boards: what your board wants from HR.

View our workshop summary here.

April 2023

Future People; Future Proof; think forward to what an HRBP in 2030 might look like.


March 2023

Elevating HR as architects and owners; your guide to taking accountability for the business growth.


February 2023

Building a sustainable HR career in a rapidly evolving environment.


January 2023

Scaling culture to drive engagement in a fast-paced life sciences organization.


An Opportunity to Engage with HR Leaders from the likes of: