Previous Workshops

How New Strategies For Leadership Development Can Elevate The Employee
Experience To Boost Productivity And Organizational Empowerment

The LEAP HRBP Searchlight workshop focused on empowering employees to take charge of their personal growth, fostering an intentional and supportive employee experience. 

Participants walked away with insights on:

  • How to dare to make clearer choices.
  • The importance of empowering your workforce.
  • By recognizing the value of time, individuals can allocate it wisely to reflect, plan, and achieve their goals effectively.

Closing the gaps in our ability to influence without authority within a
science-driven organization to transform our impacts

The LEAP HRBP Searchlight Workshop provided a deep dive into the art of influencing within life sciences organizations, balancing technical skills with personalized approaches for authentic impact. Participants emerged empowered, ready to navigate organizational dynamics with newfound strategies and confidence.

Participants walked away with insights on:

  • Actionable techniques to enhance their influence across various organizational hierarchies.
  • The importance of a tailored approach in maximizing their skills for organizational advantage.
  • Real-world influence strategies adaptable across both large and small company settings.

Building Commercial Acumen in the HRBP Role
to Help Support Current and Future Product Launches

The LEAP HRBP Workshop delved into enhancing commercial acumen in HR roles, focusing on supporting product launches. Participants explored the biopharma landscape, key go-to-market strategies, and the criticality of HR in ensuring successful launches.

Participants walked away with insights on:

  • The significance of thorough Market Research and Feasibility Assessment before product development.
  • The necessity of Navigating a Changing Regulatory Landscape and staying agile with evolving pharmaceutical regulations.
  • Understanding Global Reimbursement Considerations, emphasizing varied international systems.
  • The importance of Building a Commercial Ecosystem to ensure the product reaches its target market effectively.

Feedback highlighted the workshop's real-world relevance, with particular commendation for Karen Lewis and the Searchlight team's insights.

Future People; Future Proof:
Building the critical skills you need to know to thrive in the HR organization of the future

As organizations adapt to a rapidly changing environment, the role of HR leaders evolves with it. However, current HR models often don't provide a clear path for HR professionals to become the strategic leaders that CEOs are looking for and the skills that an HR leader of the future requires aren’t always clear.

This workshop focused on bringing clarity to HR professionals navigating the ever-changing HR environment. It is crucial to stay ahead of the curve in order to anticipate and understand the future of work to better identify the kind of HR leader that organizations will need and the skills they will require to succeed in this new landscape.

Participants walked away having had the opportunity to:

  • Explore how to horizon scan in order to better understand the macro drivers of change in the world of work
  • Broaden their engagement outside of the people profession to understand vie points from multiple disciplines and business functions
  • Discover how to better engage with global business leaders and future thought leaders
  • Understand how to support their personal learning and development inline with the future world of work

Unlocking the Secrets of Corporate Boards:
Decoding HR's Role in Meeting Board Expectations

This workshop demystified the boardroom, and enabled you to walk away with a deeper understanding of the board’s expectations for emerging HR leaders and how you could meet these expectations.

Corporate boards of directors increasingly view HR leaders as strategic partners – and they not only want you to enlighten them about tangible people issues within the organization, but also would like to see valuable data to back it up.

HR are being looked to as the touch point on culture and culture change and the expectations of HR has risen as organizations come to better understand the importance of focusing on their people. This means that the HR leader is facing more pressure than ever to help drive transformation efforts through culture change.

An Opportunity to Engage with and Learn from HRBP Leaders from the likes of