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Rebecca Port

Rebecca Port

10x Genomics’ Chief People Officer since 2021, Rebecca has 20 years of experience building and scaling global teams in various industries. Previously at Netflix, lecturing at City University, UK and working at Allergan.

Ayana Champagne

Ayana Champagne

Corporate Vice President & Head of Human Resources at Novo Nordisk, Ayana is a 2021 Stevie Award Winner and named Human Resources Executive of the Year. Also named among Business Insider’s Most Inspiring HR Leaders in 2020, and recognized by Profiles in Diversity  journal’s Black Leaders Worth Watching Award. Sought after workplace expert with features in outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Thrive Global.

Tracey_Franklin HBRP mentor

Tracey Franklin

During Tracey’s last 3 years at Moderna, she oversaw the company’s massive growth as it tripled in size while producing life-saving vaccines. She brings a distinctive perspective on org strategy and leadership.

simon king HRBP mentor

Simon King

Chief People Officer at Daiichi Sankyo and formerly Global Head of Talent at Bristol Myers Squibb and VP HR at AstraZeneca. During a 25-year HR career
Simon has built a reputation for innovative
HR thinking and sharing ideas that can be
applied in large or small orgs.

adam thomas HRBP mentor
anne marie law HRBP mentor
Nicole Schaeffer
Karen Lewis

Adam Thomas

As Synlogic’s CHRO since 2017, this HR veteran with 20 years of experience at Shire, S.C. Johnson, and Pfizer specializes in leading high-growth companies and recruiting talent across emerging, mid-size, and established life sciences organizations.

Anne Marie Law

Bringing an HR – self care focus, Anne-Marie brings experience as the CHRO of Alexion, Baxalta, Hyatt, and HR experience at McKesson and Intel, specialises in helping HR leaders overcome internal and external resistance.

Nicole Schaeffer

As Insmed’s CHRO, Nicole brings over 25 years of experience in HR, organizational development, corporate operations, and building life science organizations. She previously oversaw the growth and development of Amicus Therapeutics from early stages to a late-stage clinical company.

Karen Lewis

Chief People Officer at Apellis Pharmaceuticals with over 20 years of experience leading HR teams in the biotechnology and technology industries with leadership roles increasing responsibility at Biogen, BMS, Amazon.

andy porter
John boudreau HBRP mentor
Karen Anderson
mary weger HBRP mentor

Andy Porter

Moving from the CHRO role at Relay, Andy spent more than five years as the CPO at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and now  specializes in helping HR leaders develop and think non-traditionally.

John Boudreau

John is an internationally recognized HR thought leader and advisor to the world’s most admired CHROs. He has worked with almost all of the Fortune 500 - including Merck – and has inspired HR leaders from both emerging and established companies.

Karen Anderson

As Centessa Pharmaceuticals’ CHRO, Karen holds HR leadership positions at Mimecast, Alnylum, Biogen, Pfizer, Bayer, and Baxter. She specializes in developing employee engagement, building teams, and leading agile organizations, with experience in emerging and established markets.

Mary Weger

Currently interim CHRO of ProKidney and formerly Head of HR at Aegerion, Celgene, Neximune and more, is a life Sciences HR veteran with a track record of delivering high-impact HR and developing high-performance HRBPs in life sciences orgs of all sizes.

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